city palace, jaipur

a few tips to get you started:
visa: visit the official government website for e-visa applications at
phone sim: airtel, 90 day tourist sim - 299rs. 
Currently Airtel is the only provider that will issue sim cards to foreigners. Visit any Airtel store with your passport and you can buy a sim for 299rupees(~$6AUD) with 1.5GB of 5G data per day for 28 days (which can be extended for a maximum of 90 days). You can buy extra data or extend your plan via the Amazon app which accepts foreign credit cards, or top it up with cash in any Airtel store.
tickets: trains  We found to be a reliable and easy way to buy train tickets before you arrive (& even after you arrive as local sites can be hit and miss, especially if you don't have a local bank account or payment facility set up). 
Tickets: tourist attractions Tickets for some major tourist attractions can be bought online, we highly recommend this for places that get crowded fast like the Taj Mahal. Buy your tickets here to skip the queue, you'll also save a few rupees. 
More up to date travel tips coming soon...
information updated: april 2024

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